The Home page is the default landing page from which you can start your journey into organization analysis and modelling with Orgvue

It contains:


  1. Quick Start
  2. My Work
  3. Go to Workspace
  4. Feedback
  5. Application Menu

Quick Start

The quick start section contains:

Alt text

  1. Team Packs
  2. Orgvue Templates

Team Packs

Team Packs are ones that have been added to the Orgvue Home screen by your tenant Admin

Selecting any Team Pack button will open the Dataset Selection modal

Alt text

Select the required data source to open your team pack

See Add Team Pack to Home

Orgvue Templates

Create a new pack using one of Orgvues templates

Hovering the mouse on any of the buttons will display detail of the pack template


  1. Selecting any of the links will open a dialogue box with details of the link
  2. Selecting the Get Started button will open the Open Pack window in Workspace in a new browser tab
  3. Select the Dataset to be used with the Pack
  4. Select Next to map properties and open the pack


My Work

The My Work section contains:

Alt text

  1. Starred Packs
  2. Recent Work

Starred Packs

The Starred Packs area will contain shortcuts to any Pack and Dataset combinations that have been added to the Home screen from the Workspace Landing page

To add a Pack shortcut to the Home page see Add Pack Shortcut To Home

Recent Work

The recent work area of the home page will display packs that you have created or updated in the last 30 days

it contains:


  1. Pack Name and Dataset that pack was last opened with
  2. Last Modified Date
  3. Owner
  4. Tags

The displayed items may be sorted by any one of the columns

By default, it will be show the most recently modified pack first in the list

Go to Workspace

The Go to workspace link will open the Workspace Landing Page in a new browser tab


Select this link to Submit Feedback

Applications Menu

Select from:

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