Search Tab

The Search Tab allows you to search for data in your dataset by:

  1. Selecting the Dataset Type from the dropdown

    Note: This option is only used if searching in a Linked dataset otherwise will be non-selectable

  2. Enter search string. See Search Operators for more detail on available options

    Note: Searches are not case sensitive however any multi word property keys should be typed without spaces e.g. Last Name: Harris should be entered as lastname: harris and while single word search strings may be typed directly into search box e.g. finance multi word search strings should be entered with quotation marks e.g. "project delivery" otherwise the space in the search string will cause no results to be returned

  3. Select property to search in
  4. Select to only search for results in currently applied Filters or Paging
  5. Choose to group results by a selected property using the drop-down
  6. Click Search button or CTRL + Enter to perform the search query


To view a video on using the Search feature click the thumbnail to open the video in a new browser tab


Hovering the mouse over any of the Nodes in the results pane will display details of match to search query terms


Right-clicking on any of the nodes in the search results panel will open the focus and selection menu



for more details on these functions

Search Operators

It is possible to use search operators to make the search more specific by searching across multiple properties at once

Operator Description
AND A logical operator which joins together two statements that must both be true for a Node to be returned by the search (e.g.Role:Finance AND Location: USA)
OR A logical operator which joins together two statements that can either be true for a Node to be returned by the search (e.g. Role:Finance OR Jobfamily: Finance)
NOT A logical operator which tests if something is not true (e.g. NOT department: HR)
() Brackets can be used to group search clauses together
: search in a particular property (e.g.'name: john')
.. Range, the result can be between two numerical values (e.g. 'age: 18..30')
^ Begins with, search for a string that begins with a specific character (e.g. )
\w Matches any alphanumeric character. Including the underline
\S Matches any non-whitespace character
| OR search operator (e.g. Role:Finance|Accounting)
\b Word boundaries used when searching for specific words to prevent partial matches within other words

Example searches

To find Nodes where the fullname of the Node begins with "James", and age is between 40 and 50, and they are in the Location UK

This would be written as: fullname: ^James AND age: 40..50 AND Location: UK


To find nodes where the Last Name of the node is "James" but not "Jameson" use word boundaries to define the search This would be written as: lastname: James\b


To find nodes that have the Position Tile of "Analyst" or "Consultant" located in UK

This would be written as: PositionTitle: Analyst|Consultant AND Location: UK


The operators \w or \S may be used in searches as wildcard characters

\w searches for any alphanumeric character however this will not return characters with diacritics \S will search for any non whitespace character


  1. lastname: T\wylor matches "Taylor"
  2. lastname: T\Sylor matches "Taylor" & "Táylor"


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