Selecting a single node on a slide will display a toolbar on the canvas which brings together a number of functions for interacting with nodes

Each of these functions can also be accessed via other methods

  1. Move Toolbar
  2. Focus
  3. Clear Focus
  4. Expand Next
  5. Collapse Last
  6. Create Node
  7. Clone Node
  8. Edit Node
  9. Orphan Node
  10. Revert Changes
  11. Delete Node
  12. Close Toolbar
  13. Orientation
  14. Toolbar Dock

Selecting segments on a Bar Chart, Funnel Chart, or Crosstab will also present a toolbar with reduced buttons to allow you to:


  1. Move Toolbar
  2. Create Node
  3. Clone Node
  4. Edit Node
  5. Revert Changes
  6. Delete Node
  7. Close Toolbar

Move Toolbar

When first activated by selecting any node the toolbar will be shown positioned vertically beside the selected node

Using the 6 dots the Toolbar may be dragged to any position on the canvas, it will retain this position until Closed

Toolbar Orientation

When moving the toolbar on the canvas the orientstion button enables you to switch between a vertical or horizontal toolbar

Alt text

Dock Toolbar

Once activated, the Toolbar can be docked at the top of the slide canvas by using the move button to drag it to the highlighted area which is shown as soon as the Toolbar is moved

Alt text

Toolbar Slide Menu Option

The toolbar docking status can be set for each slide using the switch on the slide menu

Alt text

Close Toolbar

If the toolbar is left in the default position beside the selected node then using the Clear Selection function will also close the toolbar

If however the toolbar has been Moved from its default position then it will persist even after clearing the selected nodes therefore the Close Toolbar button should be used

Toolbar Drop Zones

With the toolbar opened each of the buttons on the toolbar are available as drop zone targets to drag node(s) onto

Dragging node(s) onto a drop zone will activate the relevant action


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