Paste Merge

In addition to updating datasets using Merge Replace Dataset in Settings it is also possible to update existing datasets or drafts using Paste Merge directly in Workspace from a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel

To start the paste merge process:


  1. Select the data to be copied from the source spreadsheet
  2. Copy the selected data from your spreadsheet software using the File menu options or via the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + C on a PC or Cmd + C on a Mac)
  3. Select Data on the Workspace Menu bar
  4. Select Paste Merge from the menu
  5. A Paste Merge upload window will open


  1. Place cursor onto the upload area and paste the data using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V
  2. The Paste Merge window will confirm the target Dataset type being merged to
  3. It is possible to select the Property to merge on from the dropdown list
  4. You can choose to Overwrite Blanks using the switch. If this is not selected, blank cells will be ignored in the uploaded data. When selected, Blank values will overwrite existing values in Orgvue


After pressing merge the changes will behave as though you had made them in Orgvue directly

  • A. The Unsaved Changes Indicator will be displayed on the crumbtrail
  • B. Any changes values will show on a worksheet slide in green
  • C. Any deleted values as a result of the Overwrite Blanks switch will show with a red icon
  • D. The number of changes will show in the footer bar with the ability to Revert Node Changes

The changes made via the Paste Merge process can also be analyzed using the Changes Report Slide

Any pasted data not matching the correct format of the properties will be highlighted on the worksheet with a red underline

Alt text

Merge rules


When paste merging data that includes dates, Orgvue will recognize the following date formats:

  • ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD)
  • US format (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • UK format (DD/MM/YYYY)

NOTE:Orgvue automatically detects which of the US/UK date formats to use based upon the user's locale as reported by the browser

Adding new properties

Paste Merge in Workspace will only update values in existing properties, you cannot create a new property using this method

To add a new property follow the steps detailed in Merge or Replace Dataset via settings

Matching properties

Workspace will allow you to merge on a property using either the Property Key or Display Name

For example the property containing the unique ID of your Nodes may have the Property Key: unique_id but the Display Name: Position Number

Workspace will recognize and merge on either

This applies to any property you are merging on or any target properties you are updating

Fuzzy matching

Workspace will try its best to match a property and will ignore the formatting of the column headers that you paste in

For example if you paste in the column header DeP_art ment Workspace will match this to the property with the Display Name Department

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