Pack Menu

A Pack is a collection of Slides which are displayed on the left-hand panel, on the left-hand side of the canvas

You can save your Packs and then access them directly from the Homescreen

You have five options from the pack menu:

  1. Save
  2. Save as...
  3. Undo
  4. Redo
  5. Configuration
  6. Export



The save option will update a previously created pack configuration including any changes replacing the existing pack. This will include the dataset currently being viewed or any applied filters

save as

The Save as... option is used when saving a new pack for the first time or when you wish to create a copy of an existing pack to make changes while preserving the original pack

Selecting the Save as.. option will open a dialogue window which will enable you to enter a name for the pack

You can also rename a Pack by double-clicking on its name in the Header, pressing the Enter key and then using the Save button to save the new name



Any changes made to the configuration of a pack (e.g. changing colors, adding or removing slides, filters and paging) since the pack was opened, can be undone using the Pack – Undo option from the menu bar

This will also undo any changes that have been saved since the pack was opened. The Undo and Redo options only applies to the configuration of the pack and not to any changes to the data

Note it is not possible to specify which individual changes are undone


Any changes that have been undone using the Undo option can be re applied using the Redo option

Changes can only be undone and redone whilst the pack remains open. Once the pack is closed and reopened, any previous changes are no longer available to undo

Export Pack

The Export option exports your current Slide Pack into PowerPoint format

To export the content of a single slide to CSV see Export Canvas Content

Note: when exporting most slides, Orgvue will export a non-editable image of what's viewable on your screen

However, a Tree slide or Crosstab slide export will contain objects that are editable in PowerPoint

When you select the Export option from the Pack menu you have a range of options. You can:

  1. Choose to export the Current Slide or All the Slides in the Slide Navigation Panel
  2. Enter a filename for the export
  3. Add a timestamp to the filename
  4. Include the Slide Title, Pack Name and Dataset Name
  5. Select Auto Paginate – to cycle through any pages you have added, and Include the (All) page to show your data without the pagination


Note: Auto Paginate and Include the (All) Page buttons will be greyed out unless you have selected Page properties in one of the Slides in your Pack

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