Survey Admin 1.14 user documentation

Last updated: 04/11/2022 by Rob Purbrick


Orgvue Survey Admin is designed to facilitate a data crowd-sourcing process from end to end for specific use-cases that Orgvue addresses

Release 1.14 of Survey Admin added the the ability to run a Team Competency Survey and Pre allocate activities or competencies to individual survey participants via target setting workflow

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In order for an Orgvue user to be able to access Survey Admin, the relevant tenant must first be enabled for use with surveys

To do this a ticket will need to be raised with with the following details:

  1. Client / company name
  2. Tenant(s) to be added
  3. Survey types to be enabled

Note: In addition to the enablement steps above, all users requiring access to Survey Admin must have the role surveyAdmin (case sensitive) in addition to any standard roles(s), or have the role of admin for the tenant

For full details of the current product specification see Orgvue Product Specification

Release notes for the latest release of Survey Admin can be found at Survey Admin Release Notes

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