Orgvue Implementation Hub User Guide

Updated 22/08/2022


The Implementation Hub is an application that is used:

  • During the Implementation of an orgvue Tenant by the orgvue implementation team
  • Once the Tenant has been implemented, to amend the data refresh configuration and permissions

The purpose of this user guide is to outline how to review and update the configuration once the tenant has been implemented


In order for an orgvue user to be able to access the Implementation Hub, the user must have the role of admin in the users dataset in Settings

Note: All users configured as admin in the users dataset will automatically have access to the Hub

Updatable Configuration in the Implementation Hub

  • Add new source files
  • Amend existing source file configuration
  • Add new properties
  • Remove properties (un-map properties)
  • Amend source file names
  • Amend dataset names and data refresh configuration
  • Update Pre-load checks
  • Amend which users receive email notifications following a refresh
  • View refresh job history
  • Schedule a refresh job
  • Run data refresh

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