Left-hand Panel

The left-hand panel contains three areas


  1. Add Slide Button
  2. Slide Navigation Panel
  3. Panel collapse and expand control

Add Slide Button

The Add Slide button allows you to add a new slide to your pack


Selecting Add Slide will open the slide selection window


You can add the following slide types:

When you add a new Slide, the data shown will have no filters, paging or colors applied

Note: You can copy a filter from one Slide to another, or duplicate an existing Slide

Slide Navigation Panel

The slide navigation panel allows you to see the various slides in your pack, with the currently selected slide being displayed on the canvas and highlighted on the panel


There are a number of functions that can be accessed from the slides on the panel by right-clicking on the slide


  1. Duplicate slide
  2. Export
  3. Delete slide
  4. Filtering
  5. Paging
  6. Select All
  7. Copy
  8. Paste
  9. Toolbar

Duplicate Slide

As this name suggests, this action duplicates the selected slide including all applied filter, paging and color settings


Export Slide

This option replicates the export button located on the Pack Menu and the Export Canvas Content button

Selecting this menu option provides the ability to export to:

  • PPTX
  • PDF
  • CSV
  • TSV

Delete Slide

This option deletes the selected slide from the pack. If the pack is not closed after deleting a slide, this action may be reversed using Pack Undo



Filters are applied on an individual visualization basis allowing you to tailor your pack to provide the required detail

Using the copy filter function, you can quickly copy the applied filter settings from one slide to another

For more detail on Filters see Filters


Note It is not possible to copy or paste filters to or from a Multi Slide


Like Filters, Paging is also applied on an individual slide basis allowing you to tailor your pack to provide the required detail

Using the copy Paging function, you can quickly copy the applied Paging settings from one slide to another

For more detail on Paging see 9.6 Paging


Slide Title

When adding a slide to a pack:


  1. The slide will be created on the panel as Untitled Slide
  2. With the slide name edit window open to allow the name to be entered

Entering a slide title and pressing Enter will add the title to the slide

Slide Subtitle

In addition to the Slide Title it possible to add a second line of text in a smaller font below as a slide subtitle


Note: Slide subtitles are not available to add to multi slide pages however each individual zone has a title which can be amended

Change Slide Order

You can also change the order of the slides you have created by using the slide control (six dots) in the top left corner of each slide


Left mouse click and hold on to the six dots in the top left corner of the Slide and drag and drop the slide to its new position


Slide Numbering

Slide cards display the slide number to help the preparation of packs

If the slide order is changed the slide number will update automatically

panel collapse and expand

The chevron icon at the bottom of the left and right-hand panels allows you to collapse


and expand the panel as required


Copy Slide

In addition to Duplicating Slide it is also possible to copy slides to the clipboard by


  1. Select the slide to be copied
  2. Right click to open the menu
  3. Select Copy

It is also possible to use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C (CMC C on Mac) to copy selected slides to clipboard

Paste Slide

Slides that have been copied to the clipboard may be pasted anywhere within the current pack or into another pack by:


  1. Selecting a slide within the required pack
  2. Right-clicking to open the menu
  3. Selecting Paste
  4. Copied slides will be pasted into pack after the selected slide

It is also possible to use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V (CMC V on Mac) to paste copied slides from the clipboard

Select Multiple slides

When copying, Moving, Deleting, Duplicating or Exporting slides it is possible to select multiple slides to action


To select multiple slides hold CTRL (CMD on Mac) and select the required multiple slides


Consecutive slides can be selected by selecting the first slide and then holding Shift and selecting the last slide.


Select All Slides

To select all slides within the pack:


  1. Select any slide
  2. Right click on any slide to open the menu
  3. Select all

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