sftp server

SFTP is the acronym for Secure File Transfer Protocol and is a file protocol that allows users to transfer files or other data between computers over the web securely

When used within the orgvue data refresh process it offers the following features and benefits:

  • Source data extract files (.csv files) are typically placed on the users SFTP server via a scheduled process (managed within users organization)​
  • Creating a scheduled process to place the files on the SFTP server will remove any manual steps (i.e. human interaction) in the end-to-end process​
  • The orgvue data refresh process can be scheduled to “pull” the file produced from source system on a daily, weekly or monthly basis​

Data is only ever at rest while within the orgvue platform, or while residing on users SFTP server

SFTP Configuration

The SFTP server can be setup from the SFTP screen accessed from the Jobs Menu

The following details should be entered:


Setting Description Possible values Example
1 Host Username The SSH username which will be used to connect to the server which must have read privileges A valid username defined for SFTP server The username that you have set
2 Host URL Hostname URI prefixed SFTP:// Hostname or IP address of the server sftp://

The following IP addresses are used by the data refresh process, these details will be required if IP whitelisting is enabled on SFTP server

Environment IP Address
Staging & Production [EU]
Staging & Production [US]
Staging & Production [AP]

Add Key​

To add a key for the SFTP connection:


  1. Select Add Key
  2. Enter Key name
  3. Enter Expiry Date
  4. Enter Path: Tenant ID should be entered in this field

Copy SFTP Key

Once an SFTP key is added it may be copied from the page to be used in the SFTP server

To copy a key:


  1. Select the Ellipses button to open the menu
  2. Select the copy option
  3. Select the copy button on the pop up window to copy the key

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