Login & Getting Started

The Implementation Hub is an interface within a Tenant that can be accessed by users with a role of admin

Therefore, if you have admin access to the tenant you will have access to the hub

Important: Please be aware that making updates to this configuration may impact the success of the automated data refresh if not completed in the correct steps

Note: If you are in doubt about any changes you want to make, please contact support@orgvue.com , or your Client Success Manager for clarification or advice

You can gain access to the Implementation Hub by using the appropriate URL for your region from the table below

Region Production Default URL
Asia Pacific https://orgvue.ap-southeast-2.concentra.io/app/hub/
Europe https://orgvue.eu-west-1.concentra.io/app/hub/
USA https://orgvue.us-east-1.concentra.io/app/hub/

Login using Orgvue credentials

Logon Screen

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