Dataset Configuration


This section details the name(s) of the datasets as they will appear when loaded into Orgvue and it contains:


Naming Previewer

This feature allows you to view how the dataset will appear in Orgvue and is comprised of the following values:

Dataset Name

As a default, Dataset name has a value of Enterprise [Dataset Type] and this may be amended by entering a new value into the text box as required


This will reflect the date the data was refreshed, and may not match the date it was extracted from the source system


To amend, select the preferred Timestamp format by clicking into Timestamp field to expand the list of available values within the drop-down

ID Prefix

orgvue will remove leading 0s if they appear in the ID property of the dataset when data is loaded

If the ID property could contain leading 0s, it is recommended to add a prefix to avoid data quality issues

The default option is not to include a prefix and the Previewer will show an example of how the ID will be displayed if it contains leading zeros

Prefix Previewer with EE ID

Set a Prefix

If a prefix is required for the ID property of the dataset:

Prefix Previewer

  1. Select the Set a Prefix checkbox
  2. The Previewer now includes the default prefix of EMP

Update a Prefix

To modify the prefix value:


  1. Edit the Input Prefix field with the required prefix
  2. The Previewer will update as values are entered
  3. Click save

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