Calculated Properties

This section reflects calculations added during the Implementation process and may not be amended once completed

If additional calculated properties are required once implementation is complete these may be added in Orgvue via Settings See Expression Properties

Calculated properties do not exist wholly in the original datasets but properties from the original dataset are used to create the properties

For example: If the dataset contained First Name and Second Name, Full Name can be calculated

The calculated property screen contains:

Calculated Properties

  • A. Display Name: The name of the calculated property as it will appear in Orgvue
  • B. Description: A description of the calculated property
  • C. Calculation Type: Standard or Linked calculation

    Note: Linked calculated properties are only available if the tenant structure is set to People, Positions & Links

  • D. Required Properties: Details the standard properties required to be mapped to enable calculation
  • E. Property Key: The property key used in Orgvue
  • F. Missing required properties: Any properties required to create calculated properties that do not exist in mapped properties will be highlighted in red
  • G. Archived Tab

Archived Calculated Properties

Any standard calculated properties that were not enabled during implementation will be shown on the Archived tab image

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