Frequently Asked Questions

This section lists some of the most common modifications that may be made the tenant configuration and links to the relevant section of this guide

Add a new source key to a file

If a new property is available in the source data file it should be added to the Data Structure following the Add a new Header process

Note: This process adds the source key to the file, however, it must be mapped to Orgvue standard or additional properties for it to appear in Orgvue

Map a new property

Once a new source key has been added follow the process in either Adding a standard Property or Adding an Additional Property

Edit a source key name

If the name of a header/source key in your source file has changed, it can be edited without re-uploading the entire file following the steps in Edit File Header

Edit property display name

To change how a property will appear as in Orgvue, it is possible to update the display name follow the steps in Editing a Property

Note: These steps enable editing the of the Data Type, Display Name and Description. To edit a property key, delete the property and create a new one with the correct property key

Edit Source file name

To change the name of the file that Blender will look for, when updating the data in Orgvue edit the Load File Name

Edit Snapshot Dataset Name

Snapshot dataset refers to the dataset that is updated after each data refresh. To change the name of this dataset edit the Dataset Name

Add Recipient to Data Refresh Reporting

After each automated data refresh using Blender, an email may be sent providing a success or failure status. To add a recipient see Reporting Options

Run ad hoc data refresh

The data refresh job may be run on an adhoc basis by selecting the Run Data Refresh button

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