The data refresh process supports a number of date formats in your source files when importing data into Orgvue


Important While multiple formats are supported for data refresh, differing date formats should not be mixed within a single upload file

During the upload of the data, Orgvue will examine the date formats used in each upload file to establish the most common format used

e.g. If 100 rows of data are uploaded in a file containing 10 date properties then all 1000 date values will be examined to determine the most common format

This format will then been used to process and transform all date values within the file to the ISO 8601 UTC format of YYY-MM-DD for storage within Orgvue

Any date values within a file that do not match the identified most common format will not be transformed to ISO 8601 UTC format of YYY-MM-DD and will instead be uploaded as regular strings.

The transformation of dates to UTC does not affect your ability to select the displayed date format within Orgvue Workspace

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