Pre-Load Checks


Pre-Load checks are used to ensure the automated data refresh is a success

These are defined as a set of parameters specific to each dataset type where the data loaded is checked against specified conditions

If these are not met, the automated data refresh will fail

They include:


Stop Conditions

This section details the properties that have been set as Stop Conditions during Implementation

If these are not present in the file the automated data refresh will fail

Modify Condition Property

  1. To modify which properties are required at the time of the data refresh, select from the list of available properties Note: The ID property of the dataset is always selected as a default

  2. To remove a property from the list of stop conditions, select the X icon beside the property name

Number of Records

The minimum and maximum number of rows expected in files are listed in the 'Min' and 'Max' boxes

If multiple files have been configured, this will be the total number of rows with IDs between the files

By counting the number of records within the file using the ID, the file is checked against the Min and Max values defined within this stage

Modify the Min and Max by replacing the existing value with a new value if required

Number of Records

Duplicate Records

This option allows you to specify how duplicate ID records are managed during the data refresh process

Note: Orgvue cannot upload duplicate ID values into a single dataset when loaded via automated data refresh

The options are:


  • A. Load one record when a duplicate is found
  • B. Load no duplicate records
  • C. Set maximum duplicate records
  • D. Max duplicate records value

To allow a single duplicate record to be uploaded, select Load one record when a duplicate is found

In this case, if there is a duplicate row in the file with the same ID the following will happen:

  • One of the rows will be loaded into the Snapshot dataset, it is not possible to choose which one
  • Both rows will be loaded into the automatically generated duplicates report (in Orgvue this appears as a separate dataset)

The default option is to Load no duplicate records

In this case if there are duplicates in the source file then:

  • Neither record will be loaded into the Snapshot dataset
  • Instead, both records will be loaded into the duplicates dataset

To stop the automated data refresh if the number of duplicate records in the source files exceeds a specified value:

Select the Would you like to set a maximum number of duplicates? radio button and enter a value in the Max field

Note: If you have set the maximum number of duplicates to 1, the automated data refresh will fail before the data is loaded into Orgvue
The duplicate records would need to be removed from the csv before the data refresh is run

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