Orgvue Encrypted File Server

The Orgvue encrypted file server exists entirely within the Orgvue platform and provides a location within the Orgvue tenant that clients can drop data files into for ingestion by the data refresh process

It has the following features and benefits:

  • The Orgvue data refresh process can be scheduled to “pull” the source data from the file storage on a daily, weekly or monthly basis​
  • Using the files storage is the default option, and is used as a first validation step even when setting up for SFTP configuration (as a subsequent step)​
  • PGP encryption of source data extracts (.csv files) is supported via this method; the Orgvue team will provide a PGP Public Key for file encryption
  • Source data extracts must be in a .csv or .csv.pgp format

Data is streamed in memory over https while in transit (TLS1.2)​
Data is only ever at rest while within the Orgvue platform, or is held by your Administrator prior to upload

Accessing Orgvue encrypted file server

Access to the Orgvue file storage is automatically available for any user of the tenant

The url to access the file storage area is constructed in three elements

1 2 3
elements orgvue hosting url / TENANT ID / files
example / ORGVUE_LEARNING / files


Administrators login to the Orgvue encrypted file server using their Orgvue credentials, and are then able to manually upload data extracts through their browser​

To upload a file :


  1. Use the Select file button to open a file selection window and select the file to upload
  2. The name of the selected file will be displayed
  3. Enter any comment for the file
  4. Select the Upload button to complete the upload process
  5. Previously loaded files will be displayed

Note: To update a file previously uploaded a new file should be uploaded with the same filename this will then overwrite the existing file

Orgvue hosting url

Select the relevant hosting URL for your tenant from the table below and replace [TENANT_ID] in the URL with the ID of the required tenant

See Tenant ID for details on obtaining the Tenant ID


Environment URL
AP Southeast (Production)[TENANT_ID]/files
EU West (Production)[TENANT_ID]/files
US East (Production)[TENANT_ID]/files
AP Southeast (Staging)[TENANT_ID]/files
EU West (Staging)[TENANT_ID]/files
US East (Staging)[TENANT_ID]/files

Tenant ID

To obtain the Tenant ID for any tenants available to you select the relevant hosting URL below

Environment URL
AP Southeast (Production)
EU West (Production)
US East(Production)
AP Southeast (Staging)
EU West (Staging)
US East (Staging)

After logging in with Orgvue credentials a table will be displayed detailing the name and Tenant ID of any tenants available to the login in the environment


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