Data Refresh Job

Note a valid User Access Token must exist on the Scheduling page for the Data Refresh Job to run. See Create Token for details

Selecting the Data Refresh Job from the Jobs screen will open the job

Once open the Data Refresh job will present a number of options which may be edited by selecting any of the edit icons to open the relevant page


  1. Data Refresh Job Version
  2. Parameters
  3. Scheduling
  4. Permissions
  5. SFTP
  6. Encryption
  7. Last Run : Results of job for last run (non amendable)
  8. Add To Queue

Data Refresh Job Version

This details which version of the Data Refresh 2.0 job is loaded

Important The version number for the Data Refresh Job must match that of the Hub Release Number

If the Data Refresh Job version number does not match contact , or your Client Success Manager for assistance


These job parameters will have been set during implementation and will not normally need to be changed unless instructed

Debug Logging and Verbose Logging are used to provide detailed logs for debugging



Scheduling may be enabled by setting the Enabled switch to Yes

  1. Frequency: Choice of Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  2. Time of Day: Select HH:MM (UTC Time)
  3. Day of Week: Applicable for Weekly frequency
  4. Day of Month: Applicable for Monthly frequency
  5. Token Expiry: Expiry for current token with option to Create Token

Important Note: A current valid User Access Token must be present for the Data Refresh Job to run even if scheduling is not enabled. See Create Token for details



Permissions define the user roles that may View, Edit or Execute the job

Default set to admin for all three but may be amended if required




If the File Location on the File Configuration screen is set to orgvue file storage then the SFTP Enabled switch should be set to No

If it is set to SFTP then the SFTP Enabled switch should be set to Yes and the following details entered

Setting Description Possible values Example
URI Hostname URI prefixed SFTP:// Hostname or IP address of the server

Host Username The SSH username which client uses to connect to the server A valid username defined for SFTP server The username that you have set
Orgvue Private Key The SSH private key generated by orgvue is used to authenticate connection to SFTP server. See PGP for more details Select the required private key from dropdown Key name(Expiry DD/MM/YYYY)
Orgvue Public Key The corresponding public key is uploaded and registered on the SFTP server and is used to secure the connection. See PGP for more details Automatically generated by orgvue


Files may be encrypted using PGP encryption This may be useful if the source HR system exports files using PGP encryption

See PGP for more details on PGP encryption

To enable encryption:


  1. Enter the load file name (do not include file extension in file name)
  2. Select Add Row
  3. File will be displayed
  4. Generate a new PGP key if required
  5. Select generated key from dropdown list
  6. Copy corresponding Public Key to encrypt file

Create Token

A valid User Access Token must exist for the Data Refresh Job to run

In addition the User account will require the property TokenAccess to be set to TRUE in Setting User List

To create a new token on the Scheduling page:


  1. Select Create Token
  2. Select the Token Expiry Date window to open the date picker
  3. Select the expiry date from the token which my be set for up to 1 year
  4. Select Create Token
  5. Select Save

Run Data Refresh Job

Once scheduled the Data Fresh Job will run automatically as per the Schedule however if an ad-hoc or manual run is required:


  1. Set the Scheduling enabled switch to No
  2. Select the Add to queue button

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