File Configuration

This stage details the specific configuration for each source file being loaded as part of the automated data refresh

It contains:

File Configuration

Select Datasets to Refresh

This section allows you to decide which datasets to refresh and which not to refresh

It is possible to turn off the refresh for any dataset no longer required by removing them from the text box

Clicking into the textbox, a drop down list will appear that allows selection or un-selection the specific datasets that have been configured

Note: Archiving cannot be turned off and so the archived datasets will be a copy of the current snapshot dataset

Load File Name

This field details the name of the file that Blender will look for when it tries to update the data in Orgvue

This field is populated from the Data Structure stage

To update the names of the files that Blender searches for:

  1. Click on the file name to edit
  2. Update the name of the source file, ensure you add .csv to the end
  3. Click Apply to update the file configurations

File Location

The File location option reflects where the source file will be loaded from:

Edit Name

  1. SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol): This is the option that allows for a fully automated data refresh solution
    The Orgvue Data Refresh Jobs Manager will go directly to the file server specified and take the file it is looking for
  2. Orgvue File Endpoint: This option requires the user to upload their files to the files endpoint
    This means some manual intervention is required before every refresh to ensure the most up-to-date file is in the endpoint

The default is orgvue file storage

File path SFTP only

This field is only required when the SFTP option is selected

This field gives the Data Refresh Jobs Manager the file path to the server where the file is being stored

File Delimiter

This option specifies whether the .csv file is delimited by a | (pipe) or a , (comma)

The comma is the default option but can be amended if required


Skip first N Rows

N in this instance refers to any number

For example N = 1, N=0, N= 10. It tells Blender if you want to skip a specific number of rows in the file

This text box will have been configured in Implementation if the Data Refresh Jobs Manager is required to skip a specific number of rows in relation to your source file structure but is amendable if required

Dataset Type

This tells the Data Refresh Jobs Manager what the file type is

The options are people, positions or links dataset

  • If Tenant Structure is set to people only architecture, only people dataset types will shown
  • If Tenant Structure is set to people, position and links architecture the relevant dataset type will be shown

This is a non-modifiable field at this stage

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