Getting Started

Settings may be accessed either from:

Login Gateway

See the table below for the URLs to access the currently available versions of Orgvue on each of our Production and Staging environments

Please make sure that you are using the correct version of Orgvue for your organization

Please refer either to your Orgvue Client Success Manager, consultant or your internal Orgvue lead

Region Production Default URL
Asia Pacific
Region Staging Default URL
Asia Pacific

To login to your organization’s instance of Orgvue select the appropriate link above

You may find it useful to bookmark this page in your web browser

Note: Orgvue is designed to work with the latest versions of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers

This will open the login screen where you should enter your email and password to access Orgvue

Note: If using Single Sign On password will not be required


If you have more than one tenant available, you will then be presented with the tenant selection screen


You will see a list of the tenants here, or you can use the search field to search for a specific tenant

Click on your tenant to open the login gateway screen

If you only have one tenant, when you login you will be taken directly to the login gateway screen


This screen will allow you to select from Workspace, Settings or Surveys

Select the Settings button to open the application

Accessing Settings from Workspace

To access Settings:

  1. Select the menu icon
  2. Select Settings from the menu


Orgvue will open a new browser window and automatically login to Settings for the current tenant with the existing user credentials

Note options available on Settings sidebar will depend on user role

Tenant ID

The tenant ID is assigned by the Orgvue team when your tenant is created and can be seen in the browser address bar along with other details:


  1. Environment:
    • A. orgvue-Staging
    • B. Production
  2. Region: Europe, USA or Asia
  3. Release & Update: e.g. 1.38.202205257 = update 202205257 of release 1.38
  4. Tenant: Tenant ID

To obtain the Tenant ID for all tenants available to you select the relevant hosting URL below

Environment URL
AP Southeast (Production)
EU West (Production)
US East(Production)
AP Southeast (Staging)
EU West (Staging)
US East (Staging)

After logging in with Orgvue credentials a table will be displayed detailing the name and Tenant ID of any tenants available to the login in the environment


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