orgvue Settings User Documentation

Release 1.14

Edited by Rob Purbrick on 16-03-2021


This User Guide details functionality found in release number 1.14 of orgvue Settings The current Release Number can be identified from the browser address bar along with details of the Environment, Region and Tenant

  1. Environment:
    • A. orgvue-Staging
    • B. Production
  2. Region: Europe, USA or Asia
  3. Release & Update: e.g. 1.8.104119 = update 104119 of release 1.8
  4. Tenant: Tenant ID

The orgvue Settings is a standalone interface to enable management of an orgvue tenant

For full details of the current product specification see orgvue Product Specification

Release notes for the latest release of orgvue Settings can be found at orgvue Settings Release Notes

The following administration processes are conducted within the orgvue Settings interface:

All Users

  • Dataset management
  • Property management
  • Pack management
  • Managing expression and lookup properties
  • Links dataset management

Admin Role Only

  • User management
  • Color palette management

This User Guide takes you through the functions available and also covers the steps for each of the processes

Note: orgvue 3 is designed to work on the latest version of the Google Chrome browser. If you are using an older version of Chrome, you may experience performance issues. Access to orgvue 3 Settings is blocked from Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and other browsers

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