Merge or Replace Dataset

It is possible to update the data held in a dataset or Links dataset with the following options:

  • Merge – This option will merge the uploaded data into the target dataset, preserving all other unchanged data
  • Merge & Delete – This option will merge the uploaded data into the target dataset and will delete any rows in the target dataset that are not in the uploaded data. All properties are preserved

    Note: This process will only delete rows in the target dataset not in the uploaded data that have unique IDs. It will not delete any duplicate rows

  • Replace – This final option replaces all data in the target dataset with the uploaded data, deleting rows and columns (properties) that are not in the uploaded data

Important: While it is possible to merge data and update properties for existing nodes using a matching property present in both the source and target data, to merge data and add new nodes the ID property column must be present in the source data

The Id property for any new nodes may be left blank in the source data as long as the column header is present and Orgvue will assign an autoID which can be amended later in workspace if required

If data is merged without the ID column header present in the upload file, any new nodes will be omitted as part of the merge process

Any pasted data not matching the correct format of the properties will be highlighted when viewed in workspace on the worksheet slide with a red underline

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To merge or replace a dataset either:

This will start the process to guide you through updating the data in the selected dataset or Links dataset in 5 steps:

  1. Select File
  2. Edit Details
  3. Configure Properties
  4. Node Review
  5. Summary

Important: For additional detail on Merge and Replace for Links Datasets see Paste Merge Links Datasets

Select Files

The first step is to select the file to be used to update the selected dataset

There are three methods for uploading data into Settings

File may be loaded in .csv or .xlsx format


For more detail on the three methods select any of the links

Supported file formats: .xlsx or .csv

Click Next to continue to the next step

Note: If source file headers contain line breaks the uploaded file will be rejected and an error message shown

Edit details


The selected file will be imported by the application, a sample of the imported file will be displayed, and you then have a number of options available to amend the operation to perform on the file

  • A. Worksheet: If the selected file has more than one worksheet populated, then the option is given to select the required one
  • B. Select Operation: Choose from
    • a. Merge
    • b. Merge & Delete
    • c. Replace

      Note: The Merge & Delete and Replace option will only be available if the selected source file contains the matching ID property of the destination dataset

  • C. Property to merge on: Select the property from the source file that will be used to merge on
  • D. Date Format: Select the format of any dates present in the upload file from the dropdown list
  • E. Overwrite blank cells: Selecting the checkbox will mean that any blank cells in the upload file will overwrite values in target dataset

Once the required selections have been made, click Next to continue to step 3

Configure properties


The Configure Properties screen allows you to:

  • A. Deselect any properties that you do not wish to import in the merge
  • B. Understand the impact of the data merge by displaying colored icons for each property to show:
    • New data for existing properties
    • New Properties
    • Deleted properties
  • C. Amend the display name of the property
  • D. Configure the properties being merged by using the dropdown selection boxes for each property type
  • E. A confirmation message will be displayed on the footer confirming the number of properties being imported

Note:The display name and property type of existing properties will be read from dataset being merged into
New properties will set the display name from the property key on upload file and property types will be based on property values

Click Upload to continue

Node Review

The Node Review screen provides:


  • A. Node level summary of any changes as a result of the dataset merge
  • B. Node value changes highlighted:
    • Green = Updated value
    • Blue = New value
    • Red = Deleted value
  • C. Filter control to filter results of node review
  • D. The pages of the merge preview can be selected using the page numbers
  • E. Properties listed on the property bar may be dragged and dropped to rearrange the order of columns displayed on the review page

Review Node Changes


  • A. Hovering the mouse pointer over any of the changed node values highlighted will display a pop-up with the previous value
  • B. Properties listed on the property bar may be dragged and dropped to rearrange the order of columns displayed on the review page
  • C. The pages of the merge preview can be selected using the page numbers

Node Review Filter

The results displayed on the node review screen may be filtered by:


  1. Selecting the filter button
  2. Which will open the preview data filter panel containing:
    • A. Property selector panel: any properties present in merged data will be available to select
    • B. Node Status: Option to select:
      • New
      • Changed
      • Deleted
      • Unchanged
    • C. Properties Selected
    • D. OK button to apply filter to displayed data


The final step in the merge / replace process displays:


  • A. Summary of the properties that have been imported
  • B. Summary of Nodes updated
  • C. Button to access the Audit Log for this upload
  • D. Button to open the Property Manager for this dataset
  • E. Button to return to Dataset List

The process to refresh Links data using paste merge follows the same 4 steps as other datasets

  1. Select File
  2. Edit Details
  3. Configure Properties
  4. Summary

However, the following important additional points should be noted:

  • Upload files for paste merge process must contain the from_id, to_id properties as a minimum

  • The merge process will recalculate the link_id based on the from_id & to_id and will only update the allocation and any other property values from the upload file where the link_id is the same

  • Unless the Replace option is chosen any from_id to_id links that are not present in the upload file will be preserved

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