Settings Overview

Settings is accessible to all login role profiles that have access to Workspace however the functions available will depend on the user role:

  • Users: Access will be limited to the Data and Packs tabs only which will only display the resources the user either owns or has previously been granted access to
  • Admin: All tabs accessible and all resources shown and editable

For further details on roles see Roles

After logging in to the Settings application you will be presented with the default Data screen

There are a number of features shown here that are present on all Settings screens:



From the menu button you can:

Tenant Selection

If you have more than one Orgvue tenant available to use then it is possible to switch between these tenants without having to log in separately by:


  1. Selecting the dropdown icon on the tenant selector
  2. Selecting the required tenant from the list

Account Information

Clicking the single letter icon will open the account information panel which shows:


  • A. Logon ID
  • B. Roles assigned to logon ID
  • C. Log out option

Locale menu


From the Locale button you can switch your language preferences between English (UK) and English (US)

This option will change the format of any date Properties you select and Orgvue will expect and prompt any date entries to be entered in this format:

  • MM / DD / YYYY for US, and
  • DD / MM / YYYY for UK

URL linking to pages

To make it easier to access the relevant area of Settings and share with other users, you can link straight to a specific page in settings with a URL

For example:

{Orgvue URL}/app/configui/{version number (1.30+)/?tenantId={TENANT ID}&page=/data/datasets

Will link directly to the Dataset List


The Navigation Sidebar is located on the left side of the Settings homescreen and contains links to:


  1. Files
  2. User management
  3. Custom color palettes

By default, the Navigation Sidebar will be collapsed so that just the icons are shown

However, the button at the bottom of the bar may be used to switch between:


  • A. Collapsed
  • B. Expanded

The Breadcrumb trail is shown on every screen within settings and allows a user to see the various levels within settings hierarchical structure through which he or she has navigated

It contains:


  1. Release version number
  2. Settings Menu Dropdown this mirrors the options available on the Navigation Sidebar
  3. Document Name when viewing a dataset or pack
  4. Further options menu: Certain screens will offer further options and this menu level will be displayed when available

It is possible to use the Breadcrumb trail to navigate settings by opening the dropdown menus and selecting required options

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