Manage Orgvue Version

Admin Only

Available from the Navigation Sidebar is the option to manage the version of Workspace and Settings for the tenant presented when users log in

Important Note: Setting the Orgvue version for Workspace and Settings will be applied to All users when they log in, so it is important that any decision on changing versions is done in consultation with other admins

To manage the Orgvue version for the tenant, select Manage Updates


The option to manage the Orgvue version needs to be activated for the tenant by the support team

If the tenant has not had the feature activated then the Manage Updates option will not be shown

Email for this option to be activated for your tenant

Once the tenant has been activated selecting Manage Updates will open a window with the following options:


  • A. Update automatically: This default option will mean the current production software release is used and will update automatically
  • B. Set and manage version manually: This option allows an Admin to select the release version of Workspace and Settings presented to all Users and Admins when logging in

Once the option to Set and manage manually is selected, updates to the versions will normally need to be managed manually thereafter

When choosing to set and manage the Orgvue version manually the window contains:


  • A. Workspace Options
  • B. Settings Options Each application has the following detail:
  • C. Version Number: The current Orgvue default version will be shown
  • D. Date Released: The date of the software release is shown
  • E. Release Notes: Select the hyperlink to access the release notes for the application
  • F. Preview: Select the hyperlink for a release version to open a new browser tab logged into the selected release

For both Workspace and Settings, 2 versions will be available to select:

  1. Current Default Production Version
  2. Previous Production Version

When selecting the Workspace version it should be noted that if an older Workspace version is selected it will not be possible to open any packs that have been created or modified in a newer version

Warning: If you have previously selected a version that is due to be depreciated the release version will revert to the Current Default Production Version until another is selected

Overriding set versions

Once the Orgvue version control is enabled any user logging in to either workspace or settings will be presented with the set version

There may be circumstances when a different version to the one set is required by an individual user temporarily


  1. Login to the set version of settings or workspace
  2. Locate the version number in the URL
  3. Change the version number to the required version and press Enter
  4. The browser will refresh and update to the selected version

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