Orgvue 3.80 Release Notes

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Welcome to Orgvue 3.78

In this month’s release, we have enabled admins to impersonate another user to test security, given you the ability to set span of control targets for different segments of your organization and made further improvements when searching for nodes. We have also made several improvements across Orgvue.

Look for a ⭐️ for features that were requested by you, our customers, and users.

The key objectives and benefits of the release include:

Improve the Forecast of Workforce Supply⭐️ You can now assess how "Voluntary & Involuntary leavers" along with "Early retirement" programs can help address future surplus risks

Workforce Supply Forecast Enhancements

Enhance your workforce supply forecasting assumptions with the addition of the following options:

alt text

  1. Voluntary Leavers: Provide the expected attrition rate
  2. Early Retirement: Provide the specific early retirement age
  3. Involuntary Leavers: Provide the expected leavers rate

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