Orgvue 3.66 Release Notes


Welcome to the 3.66 release notes! With this release we have made it easier to edit and work with your data in Worksheet with multi select and drag and fill. A new "Quick Editor makes editing faster in Worksheet when working with large and complex datasets. In Workforce Planning we have added additional power to Demand Planning to help you factor business change into your plans.

Watch a recording of our release webinar introducing these new features by clicking the link Release 3.66 Webinar and registering to view the recording

Look out for a ⭐️ for the features and improvements you have asked for.

What's new


What's new

Plan for your strategic initiatives with Workforce Planning

You can now model and manage the impact of projects and strategic initiatives on the demand side of your workforce plan. For example you may be planning a large transformation or software implementation that will need a large project team for 18 months. You can now model this type of periodic demand in Workforce Planning.

How does planning for strategic initiatives work?

You can now incorporate project-based demand into your workforce plans. You can do this from the "Demand planning" page of Workforce planning.

  1. Select "Project-based demand"
  2. Create your projects, give them a name and an optional description
  3. Then select your project and add demand relating to the project

This demand will then be incorporated into your Workforce Plan alongside your business as usual demand drivers.

What does planning for strategic initiatives look like?

Planning for strategic initiatives

Trigger on-demand calculations via our APIs

Remove the need for users to keep your on-demand calculations up to date by using our new on-demand API that can be run programmatically in a dataset at a cadence that suits you (such as every morning).

How do I use the on-demand calculation API?

Refer to our API Documentation or contact Orgvue Support for help.

Work faster in large and complex datasets with "Quick Editor"

You can use the "Quick Editor" mode in Worksheet to focus your view and work faster in large and complex datasets. When you use "Quick Editor" you will enter a focus mode where just your Worksheet will be visible. You can quickly make your edits and then select "Apply changes" to confirm your edits and return to your previous view.

How do I use the "Quick Editor"?

When on Worksheet if your edit takes more than 1 second to update using the "Quick Editor" will be suggested to you.

Quick editor automatic suggestion

You can also activate "Quick Editor" when using worksheet at any time from the "Tools" menu.

Quick editor from the tools menu

What does the "Quick Editor" look like?

Quick Editor


Edit data more easily in Worksheet

You can now edit data more quickly and easily than ever in Worksheet with 3 new features.

Drag and fill cells on worksheet

In Worksheet select the cell you want to copy down to those below. Click on the square that appears on the bottom right corner of the selected cell. Click on this corner and drag down to fill the values.

What does drag and fill cells look like?

Drag and fill cells on worksheet

Select and edit multiple cells at once on Worksheet

You can now select multiple cells at once to edit them.

Options to select cells

You have two options to select cells.

  1. Select all the cells between two points. To do this select a cell and then press SHIFT on your keyboard and click the last cell you wish to select.
  2. To select multiple cells hold CTRL on a PC or Command on a Mac while selecting your cells.
Options to edit cells

There are two options to edit selected cells.

  1. Edit all cells at once with the same value. With cells selected edit the last selected cell by typing on your keyboard and then press CTRL + Enter on a PC or Command + Enter on a Mac. All your selected cells will be updated at once.
  2. Edit selected cells with different values. With cells selected edit the last selected cell. When you press Enter you will be taken to the first selected cell and then each subsequent cell in order.
What does select and edit multiple cells at once look like?

Select and edit multiple cells at once on Worksheet


When editing text values using the Worksheet Orgvue will automatically suggest values as you type based on the other values in that property. When you see a suggestion you want to use press Tab or Enter to confirm and Orgvue will complete the value for you.

What does auto-suggestion look like


Configure worksheet

You can now configure your worksheet more quickly and easily by:

Inserting columns

You can quickly and easily insert an existing property as a new column into Worksheet. To do this place your mouse curser between two column headers or at the edge of the last column header. Then press the add icon that appears above and between the column headers.

What does inserting columns look like?

Inserting columns

Removing columns

You can quickly and easily remove a column from Worksheet. To do this click on the column header menu and then select "Remove column".

What does removing columns look like?

Removing columns

Reordering columns

You can quickly reorder your Worksheet columns by clicking and dragging column headers to a new position.

What does reordering columns look like?

Reordering columns

Sorting by multiple properties

You could already sort by multiple properties by pressing CTRL on a PC or Command on a Mac and clicking on Worksheet column headers from left to right. You can now do this via the column header menu.

Select "Sort by" and then choose either "Add to sort ascending" or "Add to sort descending".

What does sorting by multiple properties look like?

Sorting by multiple properties

Export a "Multi slide Zone"

You can now export a specific zone on a "Multi slide" into PowerPoint or PDF for an easy way to share your content.

How does exporting a "Multi slide Zone" work?

On a "Multi slide Zone" simply select the export icon and then choose into what format you would like to export your Zone.

What does exporting a "Multi slide Zone" look like?

Exporting a "Multi slide Zone"

Choose your preferred folder to export to

You can now choose which folder Orgvue will save PowerPoint exports from Workspace.

This is particularly useful if you want to save your export to a team location or directly into Google Drive to work with the exports in Google Slides.

How does choosing your preferred folder work?

In the export window click "Save as" and you will then be able to choose a folder to export to. Orgvue will remember your choice for the next time you choose "Save as".

Clicking "Download" will continue to export your slides to your Downloads folder.

What does choosing your preferred folder look like?

Choose your preferred folder to save to

Export large bar charts

Charts with scroll bars will now export onto multiple pages in PowerPoint and PDF helping you to present all your information clearly.

How does exporting large bar charts work?

This will happen automatically when the "Number of bars" is manually set for the chart.

Orgvue will create enough pages in your export to show all the bars on your chart.

What does exporting large bar charts look like?

Export large bar charts

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