Orgvue Workforce Planning

Last updated: 13/03/2024 by Rob Purbrick


Orgvue Workforce Planning is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

It enables the data-driven process of identifying what an organization is going to need in terms of right workforce skills and capacity with a sound mix of diversity, experience, knowledge, and location of its workforce to achieve its business objectives.

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In order for an Orgvue user to be able to access Workforce Planning, the relevant tenant must first be enabled for use

To do this a ticket will need to be raised with or contact your Customer Success Manager

All users requiring access to create a plan must have the User Group wfpadmin in addition to any standard roles, or have the Platform Role of admin for the tenant

For full details of the current product specification see Orgvue Product Specification

Release notes for the latest release of Workforce Planning can be found at Workforce Planning Release Notes

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