Track and remind

Once your survey has been sent out, the Track option will become available for the survey. This page can be accessed by hovering over the survey card on the Home Screen


or by clicking the dropdown in the breadcrumb (i.e. 'Surveys/[survey name]/Edit') near the Orgvue logo while you're in the survey edit screens


There are two views available: Overview and Participants view

From Overview, you can see:

  • Summary of survey completion progress and survey participant group/invitation status (if Send by group is set)
  • Daily completion trend in count and cumulative %
  • Completion status by chosen dimension

From the Participants view, you can:

  • Track the completion progress for each survey participant
  • Send reminders to those who haven't completed the survey
  • Re-activate a survey link for a particular individual or group of people for whom the survey is no longer available either because it was closed or has had been previously completed
  • Export the table as a .csv file for custom charting and reporting outside of Survey Admin

Overview tab



Summary status: provides aggregate stats of each status (Not started, In progress, Complete) in % and count

Note that the baseline is the number of people who have been sent an invitation, not the total number of participants including those who are in scope, but haven't been sent an invitation when Send by group is enabled

When Send by group is enabled, the summary of participant groups appears under the summary status chart

Daily completion trend

Shows count and cumulative % of completed surveys by date. When Send by group is set, it will also allow you to see this chart by participant group

Status by [ chosen dimension ]

This section allows you to slice Summary status by any dimension available in the People Dataset in count and %. A number of other chart configuration options are available to optimize the presentation of the charts

Participant tab

Image This view provides a table that lets you track survey completion progress at individual participant level. The table is downloadable as a CSV file

image Quick stats are available in the footer which will also update to reflect any filters applied

Survey generated properties

A number of useful properties can be displayed in addition to user-generated properties in the People Dataset:

  • Participant group (if created in Distribute step)
  • Status: Not started, In progress, Completed, Invalid
  • Progress: for those In progress, shows further progress by showing the page number a survey user has completed
  • Date sent: the date when a survey link is sent
  • Date accessed: the data when a survey is accessed for the first time
  • Date completed: the date when a survey is submitted
  • Reminder count: the number of instances a reminder email has been sent to a particular survey participant

Send Reminder email

If survey email invites have been sent using survey admin then it is also possible to send reminder email invites to any participants that have not completed the survey by:


  1. Select the required participants
  2. Select the Send reminder button
  3. Complete the reminder email pop up window with details of required reminder message

It is possible to deactivate survey Links for any surveys that have not been completed by:


  1. Select the required participants
  2. Select Deactivate links button
  3. Confirm the deactivation by selecting Continue on the pop-up window

Deactivated or Completed surveys may be re-activated to enable further submissions by:


  1. Select the required participants
  2. Select Reactivate links button
  3. Confirm the reactivation by selecting Continue on the pop-up window

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