Survey Admin Homescreen

The homescreen is shown when logging into Survey Admin and contains a number of features

Select the links below for more detail on each feature


Survey Card

The survey card contains useful information about the survey including title, last updated, Status and quick indication of completion % for Active surveys

Clicking on a survey card opens up the Side Panel which shows:


  • A. Survey title and description
  • B. Status
  • C. Survey Type
  • D. Survey start and end date
  • E. Close Survey
  • F. Total number of participants
  • G. Detail of source datasets

You can edit a survey name or description and change a survey end date using this panel

Survey Status

A Survey can have one of the three states


The surveys are organized on the homescreen based on the status and surveys of a specific status maybe shown or hidden by collapsing or expanding the relevant section

  • A. Draft: Survey is being configured. No one has been sent an invite yet. No results datasets deployed yet

  • B. Active: Survey status changes from Draft to Active as soon as the first invitation is sent out and results datasets get deployed

  • B. Closed: Survey status changes from Active to Closed

    • a. On the set survey end date or
    • b. A user decides to terminate the survey (and disable all survey links) before the end date by changing the end date

A closed survey can be re-activated by changing the end date to a future date

Close Survey

Any survey that is currently in progress may be closed immediately from the homescreen by:


  1. Selecting the survey to show the Survey Card
  2. Select the Close Survey button
  3. Selecting Close on the confirmation pop up that is shown

Surveys can also be closed directly from the

Note: A closed survey may be reactivated by changing the end date on the Survey Card

Sort Survey

You can sort surveys to arrange them on the homescreen in three ways - Survey name, Most recent and Oldest first


Search Surveys

You can find a specific survey using the search box


Filter Survey

The displayed surveys may be filtered by:

  • A. Owner
  • B. Survey Type


Archive Survey

You can archive a Draft or Closed survey by hovering over a survey card and clicking the bin icon


Note: Active surveys can't be archived. To archive it, the state needs to be changed to Closed first (i.e. wait until the end date or change the end date)​

You can access archived surveys by clicking the Archive button, and view non archived surveys by clicking All button


To unarchive an archived survey, click 'Unarchive' button which appears when hovering over the survey card.

The survey will be moved back to All surveys page

To permanently delete an archived survey, click on a bin icon which appears when hovering over the survey card

Note: The Archive page on the Home Screen can be seen as a trash bin (i.e. a pre-step to permanent deletion). Only Draft and Closed surveys can be archived

Survey Summary Bar

The summary bar shows a summary of surveys currently displayed on homescreen


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