Conditional Questions


Conditional questions are only shown to participants when completing the survey if specified conditional logic conditions are met

Conditional logic may be based on either:

Conditional logic may be used with the following survey types and pages within them:

Survey questions that support conditional logic will have the + Conditional logic button displayed


Add Conditional Logic

To add conditional logic to a survey question select the + Conditional Logic button

This will open a window with two options possible to add conditional logic to the survey question:


  • A. Add Condition: This option will display the question if the conditions are met
  • B. Add sub-question: This option will display a sub question if the answer to this question meets specified logic

Add Condition

This will open a pop up window to enter the logic conditions which is created in 4 steps



  1. Logic type: Can be set to either
  2. Select a people property, activity property or Question depending on option selected in 1
  3. Select a condition for logic

    For numeric properties or questions :

    • d. equals
    • e. does not equal
    • f. is greater than
    • g. is less than
    • h. is equal to or greater than
    • i. is equal to or less than

      For Dimension properties

    • j. equals
    • k. contains one of
    • l. does not contain
  4. Enter / Select a value to test the logic against

  5. + Add condition allows further conditional logic to be added as either AND or OR conditions
  6. + Add sub-question allows a further question to be displayed based on the response to this question. See Sub question

Property based logic

Setting conditional logic based on a property will display the question to participants if the value of the property in the People dataset matches the set criteria

In this example:


The question Status will be shown to participants IF

  1. The participants
  2. Current Salary
  3. is greater than
  4. 4000

Using the + Add condition button additional logic may be added using the same property

In this example:


  1. The logic set in the first example has an additional condition to be met
  2. Selecting AND means that both the first and second condition must be met to display the question
  3. The second condition is based on the same property used in the first to create a lower and upper value to be tested
  4. Further conditions may be added if required

Activity based logic

Available in Individual Activity Surveys on the How you work page and the Team Activity Survey on the Time Allocation page only

Activity based logic allows a question to be displayed on these pages based on Activity selected on the previous page

It is possible to base the logic on any property from the activity dataset

In this example:


The question will only be displayed IF

  1. the activity's
  2. label
  3. contains one of
  4. market or manage
  5. Further conditions may be added if required

Question based logic

Question based logic enables the questions displayed on a survey page to based on the response given to another question on the same page

This may be used with selected preset questions or custom questions

In this example:


  • A. A custom question has been added to the survey
  • B. The answer to this preset question will decide if the custom question is displayed
  • C. The Question based logic will display the Custom Question A if
    1. The answer to
    2. How motivating do you find this activity
    3. Is equal or less than
    4. one
  • D. Further conditions may be added if required

Combined conditional logic

It is possible to add multiple conditions to a single question using either:

  • AND: all conditions must be met to display question
  • OR: any conditions met will result in question being displayed

It is also possible to combine different question logic types for the same question

In this example 3 conditions using different logic have been added to a question linked with the OR clause

Therefore the question will be displayed if any of the conditions are met


  1. If the participant's tenure is over 5 years OR
  2. The activity selected contained the word manage OR
  3. The participant answered great than 50 for the amount of time spent doing the activity

Sub Questions

Sub questions are similar to Question Based Logic conditions as they allow follow up survey questions to be presented based on the response to a Parent question

It is possible to create multiple options for sub questions based on different responses

In this example:


  1. The first question requires an entry between 0 and 100 to describe to what degree rework of the activity/process is avoidable
  2. If the degree of avoidability is 50 or greater a sub question is displayed asking How could the reworking be avoided? with the option of stop process or change process
    Two further sub questions have then be added:
    • a. If the answer selected is change process then the sub question What would you change? is shown
    • b. If the answer selected is stop process then an alternative sub question what would you do instead? is shown

Edit existing conditional logic

Any question with conditional logic applied will display a summary of the logic on the question card


To edit the condition:


  1. Select the edit condition icon
  2. This will open the conditional logic window to edit the condition

Delete conditional logic

To remove conditional logic from a question:


  1. Select the Remove Condition icon on the conditional logic summary
  2. Select Remove on the confirmation window that is displayed

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