The participants step is where Contributors and Approvers are assigned for role families or individual roles

The emails from the People dataset selected in the Set Up stage


Assigning a participant to a role family will result in the participant being assigned to all roles within that family although changes may be made at individual role level too


Contributors create draft targets for Approvers to review

Assigning a Contributor to a Role or Parent Role Family is optional

If no contributor is assigned for a role then the Approver will simply enter the targets and approve at that stage

There can be multiple contributors assigned per role and their submitted response will be available for the Approver to review and amend if required

To assign a Contributor:


  1. Expand Role Family to view individual roles if required
  2. Click into window for required role or role family to open list
  3. Select Contributor from List
  4. Contributors may be removed from a role using the X

This GIF shows a demonstration of selecting Contributors and an Approver



Approvers review and approve Contributor's draft submissions and also enter targets for roles where no Contributor is assigned

Every role Must have an Approver assigned either at Role Family or individual role level

There can be only one approver per role

Once an Approver has been selected for a role it will be possible to continue to the Distribute stage or Download Links depending on the option selected at the Distribution step in Set Up

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