The settings menu is the first screen displayed in the Customise step


In the Settings menu, you can:

  1. Set a Workflow link expiry date
  2. Enable / disable Authentication
  3. Customize Survey Completion Message
  4. Add Branding to stylize the survey using your own logo and colors
  5. Preview Survey

This date will be the last date when survey participants are able to access the survey

Links will expire at 23:59 coordinated universal time UTC on selected date

After this date, all the survey links will expire and the survey state will become Closed


It is possible enable authentication to the survey so that any participant must first login to Orgvue before being able to complete the survey

There are 3 different types of authentication that can set to control participants access to the survey


  1. Switching the Require authentication toggle switch to on
  2. Selecting the required authentication type from the dropdown

    • a. Single sign on: This setting requires integration with the client’s single sign on system. It will require that all participants sign into their own company’s Single sign on before they can access the survey OR use an Orgvue account if they have one
    • b. Orgvue users only: Participant must be an Orgvue user and use their Orgvue login to access the survey
    • c. Domain Restricted This setting requires that users login to access the survey either via Single Sign On or their Orgvue account but with an additional level of authentication that their domain must be one of those defined


For Single sign on authentication, please ensure that all of the intended participants' email domains exist in your organization's SSO configuration as set up within the Orgvue platform.
For Domain Restricted authentication, please ensure that each of the domains entered into the Domain Restricted section exists in your organization's SSO configuration as set up within the Orgvue platform.
If you are unsure about what domains are set up for your organization in Orgvue (and there is no way for you to view that within Orgvue) please contact who will be able to provide you with this information

Completion Message

When a survey is submitted by a respondent a completion message is displayed on screen

The text of this message may be edited in this section


Add Branding

To add a brand logo click or drag a .png or jpg file onto the window


Select the file from the file selection window


The uploaded logo will be shown and can be deleted using the bin icon


Survey pages and questions

By default the Competency Target Survey will contain four pages with an optional fifth page


  1. Introduction
  2. Competency Selection
  3. Target Setting
  4. Review and Submit
  5. Other Feedback

The customise step allows these pages, and the questions on them to be tailored to suit the audience and application


  1. Default introduction text is provided in the text box. This may be edited (typically instructions and context to running the survey) and formatted using the text editing options
  2. If you'd like to get consent from survey participants, you can include a 'Terms & Conditions' section which is technically a pre-set Boolean question


Competency Selection

The Competency Selection screen is where participants will select which activities are linked to which roles

This screen has no additional questions available to add but the page name and welcome text may be edited if required


Target Setting

The target setting screen allows participants to select the required level and importance of each competency for each role

It can be customised with the following settings:


  1. Page name and welcome text may be edited as required
  2. Levels
  3. Importance


This is the default question shown on this page


Levels refer to the minimum and maximum levels of proficiency for each competency that can be entered in the target setting survey

The minimum number of proficiency levels required for a given competency is 2 and the maximum is 10

The min and max levels set should reflect the proficiency levels in the Competencies Dataset


Importance describes the how critical the Competency is


Once enabled:

  1. Select the number of levels of importance to be displayed (2 to 5)
  2. For each level enter a label to describe the level from most important to least important

Review and Submit

The Review and Submit screen provides the participant with a screen to review the details entered prior to submission

This screen has no additional questions available to add, but the page name and welcome text may be edited if required


Other Feedback

The other feedback page is an optional one that may be added to the survey by:


  1. Enabling the Other Feedback toggle switch
  2. Entering or editing the welcome text
  3. Entering the question details

Preview Survey

At any point during the customise stage the survey may be previewed using the Preview Survey button

Once all the pages and questions and customised as required click Continue to move to the Participants

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