Individual Competency Survey

How to use the survey

This guide is primarily based on the Desktop version with notes on mobile version where it provides a different UI

Email Invite

When the survey is deployed in the Distribute step all selected participants will receive an email invite containing the survey link

Select the complete the survey button to launch the survey in either your desktop web browser or on a mobile device


Survey Completion

The Orgvue Competency Management Survey consists of 4 pages:

  1. Introduction: Read and understand the purpose of the survey and how to complete it
  2. My Competencies: Search, browse and select the competencies that will be rated
  3. Competency Rating: For each of the selected competencies, enter a rating
  4. Review and submit: Review your answers and edit if you notice any mistakes

General navigation



  • A. Click the 'Continue' button to proceed to the next page
  • B. 'Back' to go to the previous page
  • B. Click the 'Save' button next to the Continue button to save the progress and come back later to continue
  • C. Use the tabs across the top to go to a specific page



  • A. Click the Begin button at the bottom right to proceed to the next page
  • B. Select the page name to open the dropdown menu at the top to go to a specific page
  • C. Use the left and right arrows to move between pages



On the first page, you can find the instructions and guidance for completing this survey

Note: If the survey is configured to include terms & conditions or a privacy notice, you should read the content and select Yes to proceed

Click the 'Begin' button to start answering questions

My Competencies

The page lists the competencies available to be selected for individual's role and the options presented will depend on the selection made in Customize step

Self Select Competencies


  1. Use the scroll bar to scroll through lists
  2. Select property to be rated in next stage
  3. Once selected properties will be listed on panel


  4. Enter text in search box to find competencies

  5. Matching competencies will then be displayed


  6. If a description for the Competency was included in the dataset the i icon will display which may be selected

  7. To display the description for selected Competency

Targeted Competencies

Targeted competencies are assigned at role level via an Competency Target Setting Workflow Survey


  • A. These assigned competencies will appear at this stage as pre selected which cannot be removed
  • B. If enabled it will also be possible to add self selected competencies to the pre assigned competencies

Competency Rating

The Competency Rating page is where a rating is entered for each of the competencies selected on the My Competencies page

It contains:


  • A. Competencies selected on the My Competencies page
  • B. Information icon indicates that further detail is available for Competency Rating
  • C. If the Info icon is selected, behavioral indicators for competency at each proficiency level are shown
  • D. Select rating box for each competency
  • E. Enter any comments or evidence to support entered rating

Review and submit

All of your responses are displayed on this page for review prior to submitting


Click the Submit button to submit the survey

Missing Inputs

An error message will appear at the top of this page if there are any missing inputs throughout the survey

This message will specify the pages that have missing responses


Note: the missing input flag (the orange dot) is also placed next to the page name on the page navigation menu

You can jump to a specific page using the navigation menu at the top to edit your responses and submit when ready


Once the submit is pressed the completed message is shown


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