In the Settings menu, you can

  • A. Set a Survey link expiry date. This date will be the last date when survey participants are able to access the survey. After this date, all the survey links will expire and the survey state will become Closed
  • B. Enable / disable authentication option see Authentication for more details
  • C. Control the valid time allocation % range
  • D. Customize survey completion message
  • E. Stylize the survey using your own logo and colors see Add Branding
  • F. Preview Survey

Add Branding

To add a brand logo click or drag a .png or jpg file onto the window


Select the file from the file selection window


The uploaded logo will be shown and can be deleted using the bin icon



It is possible enable authentication to the survey so that any participant must first login to Orgvue before being able to complete the survey

There are 3 different types of authentication that can set to control participants access to the survey


  1. Switching the Require authentication toggle switch to on
  2. Selecting the required authentication type from the dropdown

    • a. Single sign on: This setting requires integration with the client’s single sign on system. It will require that all participants sign into their own company’s Single sign on before they can access the survey OR use an Orgvue account if they have one
    • b. Orgvue users only: Participant must be an Orgvue user and use their Orgvue login to access the survey
    • c. Domain Restricted This setting requires that users login to access the survey either via Single Sign On or their Orgvue account but with an additional level of authentication that their domain must be one of those defined


For Single sign on authentication, please ensure that all of the intended participants' email domains exist in your organization's SSO configuration as set up within the Orgvue platform.
For Domain Restricted authentication, please ensure that each of the domains entered into the Domain Restricted section exists in your organization's SSO configuration as set up within the Orgvue platform.
If you are unsure about what domains are set up for your organization in Orgvue (and there is no way for you to view that within Orgvue) please contact who will be able to provide you with this information

Survey pages and questions

By default, three mandatory pages are included in an Individual Activity Survey:


Using the left navigation pane, go to each page and customize and populate it

Page names are amendable by clicking the pencil icon next to each page name

For each page, you can add page introduction text and pre-set and/or custom questions (except the Introduction page which doesn't have an option to add questions)

Pre-set questions have:

  • A. Assigned Property keys shown in the blue pill
  • B. Parameters that are configurable
  • C. Some pre set questions also feature the option for conditional logic to be added. See Conditional Questions for more detail


  • Custom questions work in a similar way to adding new a Property in Orgvue. You can define Property key, data type, question type and other relevant parameters
  • Custom questions may be added using conditional logic so that question and subsequent follow up questions are based on defined criteria being met. See Conditional Questions for more detail
  • Survey Admin offers a number of question types
Data type Response type
Text Text, Multiple Choice
Number Rating, Stepper
Boolean Flip Switch
Date Date Picker

To add a question:


  1. Click on a question card (or the page introduction card if no question is added yet)
  2. Click the + button that appears on the left side of the focused card
  3. Then, choose a question from the pre-set questions list or click 'custom question' at the bottom of the list
  4. You can choose to add a question before or after the focused question by clicking 'up' or 'down' arrow
  5. You can customize question text, description and parameters specific to a question type
  6. To change the position of a question, drag the the top left corner of the question card
  7. To remove a question, click the bin icon in the top right corner of the question card

The pages that interface with the People data (i.e. About you and Other feedback) allow you to have multiple sections with customizable text

Click the 'Section' option from the list after clicking on the question card which you want to add a section before or after



Default text is provided in the text box. You can enter your own message (typically instructions and context to running the survey) and format it using the text editing options


If you'd like to get consent from survey participants, you can include a 'Terms & Conditions' section which is technically a pre-set Boolean question


About you

Pre-set questions available:

  • Data Confirmation: allows you to select properties from your People Dataset to include in the survey and validate
  • Working Hours: you can gather individual's own actual working hours by asking two questions, i.e. working days per week and working hours per week


Select Activities

Page title and welcome text may be edited as required

This screen also enables the setting of activity selection approach to be used in the survey

The selection options are:

  1. Self-select activities: Participants can select any activity from the activity dataset and allocate their time to these activities
  2. Self select and targeted activities: Participants must allocate time to the activities assigned to their role. They can also allocate time to any other activity that they select
  3. Targeted activities: Participants can only allocate time to the activities assigned to their role.

The targeted activity options are only selectable if a Target Setting Survey has been completed for all roles

For further details see Pre Selection


If the people dataset does not meet the pre requisites of containing the roleID property to match the roles dataset then the selection options will be greyed out and default to Self select activities only

A warning will also be displayed if the people dataset does not contain the roleID


If either of the pre selection options are chosen then a linked roles to activities dataset created via will need to be selected to provide the pre selected activities by:


  1. Select either Self select and targeted activities or Targeted activities
  2. Click into the selection area to open the linked dataset selection panel
  3. Select the required linked roles to activities dataset to provide the target activities by role
  4. Select continue

If the selected linked datasets do not contain detail for all roles a warning will be displayed


The linked dataset may still be used but any roles not included will default to self selection of activities during survey completion

Once selected the linked dataset will be shown


To change this selection click the edit pencil 🖉 icon

How you work

Pre-set questions available which all have the option of `Conditional Logic. See Conditional Questions for more detail :

  • Time allocation (%): a mandatory question in Activity Surveys is added by default. See Time Allocation for input options
  • Accountability: there are three options to choose from - RAD, RACI and RASIC. If none of these options suit your use case, you can change the text to suit your needs
  • Rework
  • Motivation
  • Comments
  • Improvement action: customizable multiple choice options
  • Core work: toggle switch yes/no

The Pre-set questions are ones that have been found to be most useful for Activity Analysis

A custom question to suit your analysis requirements can also be added


Time Allocation

The default method of time allocation is percentage of time


If preferred this can be changed by:


  1. Open the dropdown menu
  2. Select Hours

This will change the Time Allocation to two questions:


  • A. How frequently do you carry out this Activity
  • B. Each time, how many hours does it take to complete

Other feedback

Three pre-set feedback questions are available with pre-set Property keys:

  • feedback_1
  • feedback_2
  • feedback_3

These may be used as required with custom question text or a custom question may be created with its own Property key

Each of the pre set feedback questions may have conditional logic added to them. See Conditional Questions for more detail


Survey templates

If you roll out multiple surveys at the same time or run a survey on a regular basis, you would not want to repeat the configuration process. Survey templates enable you to save the survey you created as a template and re-use it for other projects (with a different set of People and Activities Dataset in the same tenant). The menus are located next to 'Preview Survey' button

All the templates created in the tenant are available to choose from the dropdown. If you have a saved survey template and want to use it to create your survey, choose the template from the dropdown. All the configuration will be imported into your new survey except the Data Confirmation question which contains properties that are specific to a certain Dataset

To create a template from the survey you're working on:

  1. Select the +
  2. Enter template name
  3. Select Save


You can update the template as you make changes to the survey by clicking the 'save' icon


To rename or delete a survey template, open up the Template manager by clicking the 'cog' icon. To rename a template, click the pencil icon, rename it and click the Save button. To delete a survey, click the bin icon

Select Participant

The next step in the survey creation process is to Select Participants

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