Understanding nodes and ‘collections’

In orgvue, data are held in a database called a graph. Nodes are used to represent entities such as employees and activities (or any items you might want to keep track of) and store data. When you access data in orgvue, it is always represented as a ‘collection’.

For example:

Collection Types

Dot notation vs. bracket notation

The above way of referencing a property (by writing node.propertyName) is called 'dot notation'. However, this doesn't allow you to include spaces or cases, which can make it difficult to distinguish between two properties with similar names (e.g. Email Address vs email_address).

A way around this is to use 'bracket notation'. It allows you to do the same things, but you build up collections in the format node['propertyKey'] where propertyKey has to be the exact display key of the property. In this way node['Email Address'] and node['email_address'] can be distinguished.

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